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spring circus planner ~ rhonna designs

Rhonna Farrer just came out with a couple new collections for My Mind's Eye...
did you see it?
Gosh she can rock the patterns.
That woman amazes me all the time.

Seeing the patterns prompted me to pull out her Spring Circus to pretty up my planner for SNAP.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus planner RhonnaDesigns

The Chevron Tent pattern was printed on white card stock paper.
It was trimmed to size and adhered to the binder.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus planner RhonnaDesigns

A few of the other pattern papers and banners from the Spring Circus kit were trimmed like little banners and attached to the seam binding dyed with Color Shine Mustard. That was a perfect match for the yellow chevron.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus planner RhonnaDesigns

Taking the new Insta Snap kit, I made little tags with the black png files.
How you ask?
These are instructions for photoshop elements:
Navigate to the Insta Snap kit and open the BLACK PNG FILES.
Double click your chosen image.
Using the color picker, choose a color to re color your image.
In the EDIT drop down, click FILL LAYER.
In the FILL LAYER window, in CONTENTS, make sure you have clicked on the correct source for the new color.
Make sure opacity is 100%.
And be sure that PRESERVE TRANSPARENCY is clicked.
click O.K.
The InstaSnap image should be changed to your preferred color.

I then drag and drop the image onto an 8 1/2 x 11 document.
When you have all the images you desire on the document, click LAYER, and FLATTEN.

Then print.
and you have your little InstaSnap tag just the way you want it.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus planner RhonnaDesigns

This planning binder holds notes, schedules, goals, and to do lists for my up coming trip to SNAP. The SHE quote is just what I need to remind me of goals and dreams accomplished in the last year since last SNAP, and to continue to unlock my can't and turn them into cans this next year. The possibilities are endless. Writing dreams and goals down can be scary. Seems only recently I have been able to bring myself to do this. I have created a habit, of such. At the same time, when plans fall through, I seem to be able to readjust quickly. Perhaps there is power in knowing I can write down new ones and go to work.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus planner RhonnaDesigns

Next time I will share how to place the colored InstaSnap image inside the Insta Lovin' Frames for printing out.

So now...
do you have plans, goals, and dreams that need their very own home?
Go and make it all happen.


rhonna designs chalk art cards

jmpgirl ~ chalk art cards rhonna designs

I really do adore the Insta Chalk Art Kit from RhonnaDesigns...
the quotes are perfectly uplifting.
the graphics are gorgeous.
I have even taken a few and created 12x12 canvases with them to hang on my new studio wall.
And I love to share them with others by way of cards and tags.
Made a few tags up recently using the Chalk Art Kit. Along with the free background (um...hello...yes..the fabulous chalk background is free!!!)  from the shop, I printed Chalk Art tags and then added them to some larger tags with notched pattern paper and dyed seam binding. Just made them up pretty to send in the mail.

jmpgirl ~ chalk art cards rhonna designs

jmpgirl ~ chalk art cards rhonna designs

These sentiments have a little help from the Vintage Bliss collection from Simple Stories, Teresa Collins Memories, plus Color Magic Seam Binding dyed with Color Shine Primrose and Tropicana Teal. Because I am not capable of doing any thing these days without a little Color Shine.

jmpgirl ~ chalk art cards rhonna designs

The cards measure 4 x 6.

jmpgirl ~ chalk art cards rhonna designs

Simply put, layers of pattern paper were used until I liked what I saw.

Notched paper.
Washi tape.
you get the idea.

And some of the most beautiful Chalk Art design out there right now.
Thank you Rhonna for making it so easy to uplift and inspire others.
This is just one of those kits I will use over and over again.


valentine + memory file love

hello. i am over at Heidi's today...
sharing what I call a Valentine on steroids.
combine Heidi's Memory Files + photos + words...
and you get a fabulous gift.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp valentine memory file

this gift was made for my oldest daughter.
for valentines.
because i don't share my love like this very much with her

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp valentine memory file

and she is always asking for more photos to display in her room.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp valentine memory file

now i know...she is old enough to make and create her own pretty stuff...

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp valentine memory file

but she wants it from mom...

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp valentine memory file

so how do you share your love with your kids at Valentines Day?

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp valentine memory file

i think they would adore some love from you by way of photos. pretty photos. and sweet words.

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp valentine memory file

it does not have to be complicated...

jmpgirl ~ heidi swapp valentine memory file

keep it simple.
but show them your love.

Now, off to make the rest...


project life 2013

  welcome to project life 2013...

jmpgirl ~ project life 2012 cover

i love fresh starts.
and project life is another fresh start for me.
this will be my third year creating this album.
as i have said before...this project is a committment...
but one that is well worth the effort.
i love. my family love. my friends love looking over these books.
i keep these albums out and very accessible.
so we are looking at them all the time.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2012 cover

the first inside cover page is a hybrid or sorts.
the pattern paper was created using RhonnaDesigns stamps and fonts.
the family photo was the inspiration for the color.

the silhouette cut of 'our life' was made using the Bebas font and was inspired by what Adrienne did here on her cover page. i was even loving that diagonal paper too. you'll see how i did that.

for the upper right polka dot paper i did this::
opened a 6x4 document in photoshop elements.
i kept it white.
i then opened the polka dot stamp texture from the TexturesBrushKit .
i stamped the document with a grey color.
i printed out on textured white cardstock.
it looked like this::

ignore the clock. decided not to use.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2012 cover

arrows and hearts from studio calico + arrow clips and binder clips + notched paper and labels and words add a bit of detail to this page. i love embellishing like this.

the gold paper was made the same as above except when I created the 6x4 document, i then filled it with the gold color and stamped it with the honeycomb stamp from the TexturesBrushKit.
it looked like this when done::

the paper shown in the lower left pocket was made from Rhonna's new InstaPOP fonts and stamps.
again, another 6x4 document was created in photoshop elements and kept white.
then i added the png image from the InstaPopKit.
before adding it to the 6x4 i changed the color.
it looked like this when done::

finally i made the black and white diagonal pattern by adding the SpookyPrintablePaper to the 6x4 and then tilting the pattern.
it looked like this when done::

it's like making my own pattern paper. love the flexibility of this.

the tag was made by adding the png image from the InstaGoalsKit.
i added it to a blank document.
printed that out on copy paper.
then i taped the manila tag over the image.
and ran it back through the computer again.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2012 cover

and that little guy is just about as fun as that black&white stripe.

so glad for this project.
so glad for what it means to my family.
so glad for the habit created to make it happen every week.

i hope if you have discovered this project life concept of documenting your life that you find it as fulfilling as we do.


a few of my favorite things

jmpgirl~heidi swapp freebie

had a fabulous time making pretty stuff with heidi's freebie today.
did you get it?
have you been collecting all of them.
today was day 10.
and i adored that star so much.
because i adore making pretty stuff...
and pretty packages..

jmpgirl~heidi swapp freebie

so here are a few closeups for you...

jmpgirl~heidi swapp freebie

some simple takes on how to make some pretty packages...
tied up with string...

jmpgirl~heidi swapp freebie

and now i am in the mood to go and watch Sound of Music...

now go...have some fun with packaging today.
i would love to see what you come up with.


christmas tag contest

Hello friends...

such a fun and exciting time of year.
while it can be can also be a time of creative pursuits and celebration.
i hope as you enter the time of Thanksgiving your hearts will be at rest as the Christmas season starts, literally, the next day.

One of my all time favorite styles of Christmas can be seen in Rhonna's Christmas Junque line of digital goodness.
It is a timeless in my book.
she just this week added several kits to compliment Junque, but with a modern flair.
and I love them!!!

Christmas Junque Pieces Kit

and these are just a few of the ChristmasJunque collection...and here is a peek at the newest::

Merry Christmas Flags N Tags Printables

Merry Christmas Printable Papers

 Insta Christmas Kit

 Rhonna just announced a very fun contest on her blog yesterday...
and i have to admit...she had me at 'tag'...
tags are such perfect columns of creativity waiting to happen...
having always been a fan of the tag...
i had to have a little go at it myself.

jmpgirl ~ Rhonna's christmas tag contest

jmpgirl ~ Rhonna's christmas tag contest

jmpgirl ~ Rhonna's christmas tag contest

I used all new MerryChristmaskits released this week.
I used of course the Cameo for the scallop and pinked circle.
I used ColorShine dyed seam binding...
I used glitter...

 Will you play along?



grateful inspiration jars

Today over on Rhonna's blog she has a new edition of CreativeTeamTuesday.
Melissa is showing off adorable and inspiring glitter houses...
oh the things you can do with chipboard and glitter!!!
And I  took the GratefulGlam kit + InstaQuotes kit...
and came up with what I call an Inspiration Jar.
An easy gift-able that I will have trouble actually giving away.

jmpgirl ~ grateful inspiration jars

GratefulGlam is a kit Rhonna created last year for this season of giving and thanksgiving.
But it is timeless!!!
I adore how the CardsNTags print out on manila...
Did the same with the Tags N Flags kit...
if you know me...i love sentiments and words...
I have used the TagsNFlags kit over and over again.
It's just one of those kits you need in your arsenal.

jmpgirl ~ grateful inspiration jars

Used patterns from the SpookyPrintablePapers to dress up the top of the jar.
The quatrefoil print was printed on vintage dictionary paper.
The stripe on more manila folder stash.
See...I don't pretty much ever throw too much away...
I save all my manila folders and re-use them in some way...
love it.

jmpgirl ~ grateful inspiration jars
The InstaQuotes were also printed on the manila stock.
A few InstaIcons were added here and there.
Made this one for a special friends bday...
but think I will be making more.

So now go...
create something inspiring for someone special in your life...
and be sure to make one for you too.

Thank you so much for stopping by.


31 days of halloween

jmpgirl~31days halloween

Rhonna continues to share 31HalloweenIdeas over on her blog this month. You may have seen these CandyCones highlighted last week. This is a simple, simple idea that is always so happily received as a quick and easy gift no matter the season.

jmpgirl~31days halloween

And while I used the printables from the SpookyJunqueCandyCones kit, and while there are some specific halloween themes found on those printables, the cones are so versatile for any occasion and season. Dress them up with scallop punches and seam binding, and pearl brads and book paper strips and...oh my...however you would like.

Today I wanted to take a look at some wearable art made for My Lady Eve...

jmpgirl~31days halloween

Lady Eve is part of my front room decor.
She is an altered dress form.
I think I should post about that some day...
But I have been adding and changing her up a bit from season to season.
I think everyone needs an altered dress form to play dress up with.

jmpgirl~31days halloween

For her necklace I took the WireFence pattern from the SpookyPrintableBackground kit.
I printed the pattern out on dictionary paper.
Then I punched several scallop shapes and made layered and scrunched up flowers.
Having made three flowers they were then attached to black and gold sheer ribbon and added to Lady Eve's neck.

jmpgirl~31days halloween

Her chocker was made by printing the BlackStripe pattern onto a dictionary page.
That is the part actually wrapped around her neck, the actual chocker part.
Then I die cut a large label shape from the WireFence that was left over printed on the dictionary paper.
Then I printed a silhouette from the SpookySilhouettesBrush kit onto vellum.
This was fancy cut out and then layered atop the WireFence pattern label shape and then adhered to the BlackStripe chocker part.

and oh how I love this layered look.
and how festive she looks for the month.

and now off to think how to dress her for her next seasonal debut.

now go...dress up your space with fun and spooky designs.


spring circus in august

Hybrid remains my favorite approach to digital paper crafting.
RhonnaDesigns are so beautiful, I am often looking for a way to incorporate those into my everyday creative needs.
The possibilities are endless how one can use hybrid digital crafting, because of the options to print whatever one needs. Which then actually makes less fear of mistake!

jmpgirl ~ spring circus
The opportunity to create came this time by way of the need to construct a gift for my mother in law.
Being the grandmother that she is I can never get her enough photos of the grand children, so a mini album was born.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus
I printed several background patterns from the SpringCircus kit on presentation paper at home on my printer. Several embellishments came from the Tatoo and Tag kits as well as the Border kit to use throughout the mini.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus
Also, several of the Mini Stamps were printed out to use as sentiments throughout the book because I always need words to be apart of any project I encounter. And the MiniSealsBrus kit continue to be a go to kit in my hybrid arsenal.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus
The back to back book binding technique was used and each page cascades above the next. This is another go to style for me. I love for 'stuff' to be sticking out, and cascading the pages is a perfect way to show off all the gorgeous colors and patterns of this kit.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus

Hybrid paper crafting is still to me a traditional approach to memory keeping. I just possess the beauty of controlling what patterns and embellishments to print, as well as create a few of my own custom elements too.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus

And of course a card with a gift is in order. While staying with the SpringCircus kit pattern, I changed it up just a bit so they weren't matchy-matchy. I just have to add, the diamond pattern paper in this kit is so, so beautiful. There are subtle images in the pattern that really add depth and texture to this already gorgeous pattern.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus

The BorderKit has great designs that I have used very often by punching with circle punch. Like the "bloom' here.  There are lots of designs on those banner pieces in this kit, and can be used in many ways.

jmpgirl ~ spring circus

As with most of my projects, and same with the mini album itself...the WinterWhite seam binding from Zipper Stop came in handy to polish this gift and card off. I simply mist them to the color I need and always love the result. Keeps me from having to stash lots of colors when I can make what I need. But you knew that about me.

The Spring Circus kit has been in the RhonnaDesigns shop for a little bit now, but I find it can be a timeless kit with many, many elements, and perfect for hybrid mini albums and cards.

Now go...
are there any gifts you need to be crafting today?