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what a sunday

i am suppose to be writing lessons for the week for my girls...

but my mind is wondering...

in a serious way.

the morning was amazing. i can't get over it yet. our sr. pastor has an enormous love for the arts...paint, dance, music, written...he continues to teach the union of art and worship. God being the ultimate creator, and we, created in His image, imago dei, are by creation: artists. inside me just begins to bubble with joy when i pursue that thought.

in a celebration of a summer long series on what our everyday worship should look like, he had his good friend, makoto fujimura, in house and speaking to us in interview style. mako is an extremely accomplished artist in the tradtional Japanese art form of Nihonga. to find out more about that, go here. as well i invite you to visit his blog. the last post was immensely absorbing.

today was a mini lecture answering questions about his art of choice: abstract impressionism. an ah-ha moment for sure. i cannot speak for my reader, who may very well be educated in the finer arts. my background comes with limited insight into the arts. today, however, he unveiled for me how we attempt to represent everything we see, and make it concrete. but there is so much in life that is not actually concrete, but rather abstract. love. faith. hope. fear. loneliness. how someone could help me understand abstract art in an informal 20 minute talk was only part of the amazement. the reality that my eyes are open to seeing so much more of the world around me is the large part of being AMAZED today.

on a much lesser scale,but in the same vain of thought, i have been interested of late in art journals. funny how shelly elluded to that medium in a recent wip post.

and then i go and visit my friend alexandra's blog only to find more nudging toward art journals...and a link to this wonderful site.

sigh...i have so much i want to do and accomplish. and yet another new thing to attempt.

however, first things first...

in light of a newly procurred camera, i believe i am going to take katrina kennedy's photography class and walk through those steps. i know it's not a discovery in the joy of art journaling, but photography is a first love of mine, and so that is the direction i am going to take for now.

we are so blessed to have so many choices in our lives. beautiful blessings. that is the phrase that keeps going through my head.

beautiful blessings.


design team call

did ya see?

i'm sure you have already...
design team call going on over here...
go check it out...
then go for it!