today was lovely ~ sizzix shape store

So much going on right now in this life.
Feeling so motivated to just go for it and attend to so many things that are calling my heart.

jeanne oliver ~ creativity takes courage

Had a beautiful friend recently steer me in the direction of Jeanne Oliver's "Creativity Takes Courage' series on her blog. You know when you know you need something but you don't know what it is that you need and then someone speaks into you and shows you what you need and so you go there? yeah. That is what this is. So thankful for this. Now to find time for me.

In other news...
I am so excited to be attending and teaching at this event!
daydream ~ the event

If you are local to Chicago-land...or just need an excuse to make a visit, registration ends on September 1st. It is going to be a beautiful event hosted by two most beautiful ladies, Maggie and Sarah. Hope to see you there.

And today...
today was lovely @sizzix @jamiepate #sizzix #digital

I simply want to share a card made with the Spring Today die cut collection I have available over at sizzixshapestore.com.
because i like it.
and i want to show off my cuts.
and even though i should have named them something other than Spring Today. (note to self)

today was lovely @sizzix @jamiepate #sizzix #digital
but that title just does not matter…
because these cuts are versatile enough for any theme.

today was lovely @sizzix @jamiepate #sizzix #digital

this card is a bit interactive as a glassine bag is attached to the front of the pattern paper and holds a tag for the message.

today was lovely @sizzix @jamiepate #sizzix #digital

this card is for a dear friend who even today as i write this has been a balcony person to me. do you know what a balcony person is??? 
well, that will have to wait for another post i suppose.

today was lovely @sizzix @jamiepate #sizzix #digital

Today's card is brought to you by one of my newest cut files found at the Sizzix shape store:

my Spring Today digital die cuts.

Here are the details:
I took the flourish and separated the stems out a bit so as to not make the shape so wide. that was glued to the top of the glassine bag.

then the today was sprayed with adhesive and layered over the stems. because i can’t help myself, i have just got to layer.

when i brought the butterfly into the software for my eclips i copied and repasted several of them and then just resized at whim. these were then cut out on white card stock. then i sprayed them first with Seafoam Color Shine…too lite.
then with Teal Color Shine…just perfect. hot glued these delicate cuts to the front of the card in a random and haphazard fashion. 
slipped a scrap of book paper into the glassine bag. attached a stash of seam binding to a manila tag and wrote my words on there and slipped into the bag, which is glued to the background paper.

jmpgirl designs | digital die cuts Spring Today #sizzix @jamiepate

These cuts are available to purchase as a collection, or as individual cuts. 



let's make a sandwich

I have received a few questions as to what the ‘sandwich’ technique is that I used this week on the Project Life Merci card  created for the Heidi Swapp blog.

so here today i am a goin’ to show you how that sandwich was created…

here’s what you will need:

1 4x6 journal card from the Gold Foil Project Life kit
2 3x4 journal card from same kit
1 scrap piece of card stock

+ 2 more 3x4 size journal cards or even plain card stock

trim a piece of card stock to a 1-inch width. 
trim that piece to 2 1/2-inches long so that you have 2 1-inch wide pieces.

score each piece in half length wise as shown in photo. i will now call these flaps.

add double side tape to one side of the flap and attach to the back of the 4x6 card. 
i like to use the American Crafts 1/4-inch This To That Double Sided Tape.

attach the journal cards to the BACK side of the card flaps. when the flaps are closed they will be seen properly on the front of the card.

the view to the inside of the cards shows the flaps. you could always keep it just like this, but i prefer to cover, or ‘sandwich’, those flaps with another piece of card stock.

and this is how it looks when that flap is all sandwiched up and covered up. on the left side the flap is not longer seen as it is on the right side of the card.

now finish up with another, embellish, stamp, and Color Shine at will. 

if you have ANY questions…leave a comment or message me on my page on Facebook here. i would be more than happy to help you.


always my favorite ~ solstice summer

Always My Favorite ~ Solstice Summer Series | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #solstice

Sharing this sweet layout today. It just so happens to be this little guys 4th birthday!!! Sawyer Anthony is the star of this layout cuddled in his dad's arms fearful of the reservoir just a little bit.

Always My Favorite ~ Solstice Summer Series | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #solstice
I took advantage of the moment to match it up with Pink Paislee's Solstice line to make what will be a very precious moment in time in years to come. This layout was originally posted here if you would like more details.

Always My Favorite ~ Solstice Summer Series | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #solstice
It was one of those layouts that for me just came together so easily. This has to be one of my all time favorite collections by Pink. I keep returning to it.

Always My Favorite ~ Solstice Summer Series | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #solstice
I have a post going up later in the week at Pink Paislee that take this whole line a step further in celebrating this little guys birthday over the weekend. I am very eager to share it with you.

Always My Favorite ~ Solstice Summer Series | Pink Paislee @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #solstice

But in the mean time...

Solstice Artistic Project Inspiration | Pink Paislee

...the Solstice Summer Projects have been compiled into one look book found right here.
There you will find all the layouts from earlier in the month. Included are two layouts from each of the Pink Paislee Design Team members. It is a great resource to help you get your create on and tell your summer stories.

Hope you enjoy...


pocket scrapbooking ~ heidi swapp style

Pocket Scrapbooking ~ Heidi Swapp Project Life #hsprojectlife @jamiepate
I am returning to the land of Project Life...
except that I am not...completely.

This girl here is attending a full time school for the first time evah!
and I wanted a page just for her...sharing my  excitement with her...

Pocket Scrapbooking ~ Heidi Swapp Project Life #hsprojectlife @jamiepate
But I knew I wanted 'pockets', if you will, of journaling and words to encourage and lift her up.
So I took a collection of different kits and elements from Heidi Swapp's new Project Life line and simply went with a pocket scrapbooking method.
This isn't for my 'official' family yearly album...
this is a page just for her book.
And while that may seem like a no biggy for some...
for me it was a new and fresh approach to keeping my memories,
and I really love how it went.

Pocket Scrapbooking ~ Heidi Swapp Project Life #hsprojectlife @jamiepate

So let's chat about what can be found here...
I took one of the watercolor cards from the Color Magic Value kits and used the Project Life stencil to add a few polkas. A Sheer Sticker was added to the page as well as some notched banners I trimmed from a journal card that belongs to the Dreamy Core Kit.

Pocket Scrapbooking ~ Heidi Swapp Project Life #hsprojectlife @jamiepate
Here I advertised this girls grade with an Embossed Jumbo Number. Used the polka dot stencil for a subtle hit of color. The 'hello' is from the CM kit and was left natural because it complimented the rest of the page. Stamp is from the Numbers Stamp.

Pocket Scrapbooking ~ Heidi Swapp Project Life #hsprojectlife @jamiepate
Have you discovered the Foil Pocket Pages yet? Pocket pages with clear inserts that include gold foil classic Heidi Swapp handwriting.  Talk about dreamy! This could be used plain in a pocket or backed with pattern paper like I used here from the Dreamy Kit.

Pocket Scrapbooking ~ Heidi Swapp Project Life #hsprojectlife @jamiepate
Another stencil was put to work here on a journal card from the Dreamy Kit and then stamped up including that cutie date stamp Heidi released with this collection. Can you say cutie?

This page has a mix of creative qualities that took a bit more time. I mean, because I think the feeling is that pocket page scrapbooking should be quick-in-a-hurry. And it can be! No doubt. But I just can't help myself. With stencils and stamps and beautiful journal pages that I can't help but cut up (did I say that out loud), the creative in me just goes to play making even these simple pocket pages pretty stuff.

Hope you too are enjoying the new Project Life by Heidi Swapp.


noonday trunk show

I am more than a bit absent here on the blog of late...
it's that time of year where summer is slowly moving into Back to School...
and the mom is dragging her feet!!!
Lots of changes here in the Pate household this year...and doing all that is necessary to keep up.
(Not to mention an extreme case of allergies...can we say red scary eyes?)

But right now my mind is on tonight...
a little gathering I am having to promote what I think is a most amazing company...

Noonday Collections.

This is one of the most amazing companies empowering vulnerable women to create economic opportunity through jobs and business loans and scholarships and emergency assistance. I mean this is where it's at, people. Helping women help themselves. When we are as amazingly blessed as we are in this country, as well as other countries who read this blog (Australia and Canada, you know who you are), we should be more than willing to offer what we can to help our fellow woman do creatively for what she may not have otherwise been able to do.

And how hard is it to come to a fun home party with sweet treats, gorgeous jewelry and accessories, plus fun and laughter to just simply find out more about these types of companies doing real and eternal work.

If you are reading this and are a local friend...please just come to find out what it is all about. I would love for you to meet the local ambassador, Tina, and hear her story and passion about Noonday Collections.

If you are not local and would like to know more or order anything, please let me know...we can set ya up real nice like.

Hope to hear from many of you.

Thank you for listening.


relationships ...

Relationships. @jamiepate #heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings
I have noticed a theme lately in my story telling...
it has been about interpersonal relationships.
Whether it's been my relationship with the subject of the page...
or the relationship being share on the page...

Relationships. @jamiepate #heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings

And maybe this is obvious...maybe this is what everyone does when they create layouts of those they love...
Lately for me it has been an intense exercise in relational focus. And when I say intense, I mean bordering on obsessive.

Relationships. @jamiepate #heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings
This thing called scrapbooking allows me to really pause. To take a photo and not just scan through it on my phone, or sock it away on my hard drive. But to print it out and actually spend time with the photo, therefore spend time with that subject, speaking into their life and telling them on another dimension how much I love them or how blessed I am that those pictured are sharing a meaningful moment. I mean, what a beautiful way to talk to your kids! Via photo, pretty stuff, and your own personal words. Now, let's be honest, those teenagers may not actually read your words right now...but someday they will. To me that is so impactful. It's a beautiful gift we have. (and hey, grandparents...this is for you too...sharing with your grandchildren in this format? talk about a legacy!!!)

Relationships. @jamiepate #heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings

This page shared here today is actually a continued theme in my second daughter's album. She had been gone a few days. The first time for her. It had an impact on me while she was away. It had an impact on all of us.

Relationships. @jamiepate #heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings

The layout celebrates our coming together again. And even in that it celebrates her and this different side of her after she was away from her family and focusing on spiritual matters and other relationships.

Relationships. @jamiepate #heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings
And creatively speaking it was an exercise in staying very thematic with monotone hues. Favorite  Things from Heidi Swapp stars here and I kept with the black and white and grey hues while creating with a lot of words and sentiments about us, about her. (oh...and p.s...Fav Things is on sale at scrapbook.com today...oh yeah!)

Relationships. @jamiepate #heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings

I hope to explore this idea a bit more. I hope to inspire you as well. So many of you I know focus more on relationships by way of creative habit than you do, say, an event. And I love to see those pages. But the theme just really struck me of late, where I am right now in my life as mom, and wife and friend. And I hope you will join me as I throw this thought around even more in the near future on this blog.

Now go...create....and enjoy the journey.


desktop calendar ~ heidi swapp

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn
did you see this at MyCraftChannel this week?

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn

it's the Desktop Calendar from the JoAnn Collection.
heidi shares by way of video in her own 'make pretty stuff' way...
and she gives me a little o' shout out. (shameful display of personal recognition)

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn

now while heidi's is this fabulous inspirational organizer...

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn
which is such a brilliant idea...i mean...she kills me!

mine is highlighting fav photos from that particular month...

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn

...like the sweet and fun photo of my youngest girlie in the snow back in january.
i used the 3x4 pocket protectors and slipped photos inside or mounted photos to the outside...whichever suited my fancy at the moment.

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn
then i added another pocket that would over lap the previous. stamps and ephemera were used to make these little mini layouts fun and celebratory. just like the photos themselves.

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn
i mean clearly...i do not think i have enough photos of us around here...yeah right...

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn
this is one of my all time fav photos from may...these are priceless to me. i love that i can stick them in here and have them looking at me any moment of the day on my desk.  i started adding funny sayings to these pages too to remember all the quirk that goes on inside these walls.

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn

i love mixing the stamps and my writing within these pages too. think of each section as it's own little scrapbook page. its' pocket scrapbooking at it's best.

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn

this organizer is a perfect way to print off instagram photos and get them OUT of your camera and into your life. did i say that loud enough?

JoAnn Desktop Calendar @jamiepate #heidiswapp #HeidiSwappatJoAnn
i just consider this a way to further my search for #onelittlethingeveryday. life is hard and relentless right now with many circumstances in my life weighing very heavily on me. keeping my eyes up and focused on the good and beautiful, even if it is a silly little desktop organizer on my table, reminding me of just that, the good and beautiful. well then that is what i will continue to do as i continue to choose happy.

i challenge you to do the same and to enjoy the journey.