enjoy ~ pink paislee ~ solstice

Do you ever really simply fall in love with a collection?

I think I am smitten with Solstice...

Solstice Summer Series @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #solstice

it's this fabulous collection of amazing papers and patterns and hues and just this feeling of days spent in summer heaven...

Solstice Summer Series @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #solstice

Solstice Summer Series @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #solstice

Solstice Summer Series @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #solstice

Solstice Summer Series @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #solstice

not only am i blogging about this over at PinkPaislee today...
but there is a free downloadable project sheet sharing step by step how this page came together.

and get ya some Solstice.


life. now. together. ~ heidi swapp dreamy

hello friends...

Life Now Together layout @jamiepate @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #heidisdreamy

you all know why we take pictures, right?
we take photos to remember.
remember things that once were.

because what is life without memories?

Life Now Together layout @jamiepate @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #heidisdreamy

sometimes we take a photo and do not realize that it was a once in a moment shot and that an era is passing and changing and will not return to what it once was.
sometimes that is not realized at that particular moment in time…
but rather comes over and washes us like a wave and then that moment becomes so much more than it was at that point in time.

are you following me?

Life Now Together layout @jamiepate @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #heidisdreamy
i really love this photo for that reason more than anything...
it represents a passing moment.
a sort of "post-this is how it use to be" moment...

well, truth be told, this is the second time i have created a page for this particular photo. 
i was not in love with the first page i did, and so had to recreate.

do you know it took henri matisse six years to complete “Bathers By a River”? this did not take me six years to create, but i think that is fascinating.

Life Now Together layout @jamiepate @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #heidisdreamy

like stated before...
this memory was created on a page once before...
and i had to revisit it...
the Dreamy Collection from Heidi Swapp tells this story for me so much better...
the Ephemera words fit perfectly as do all the Word Jumble Stickers.
all in all it was just a better fit for what i was trying to share and remember here...

Life Now Together layout @jamiepate @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #heidisdreamy

so what am i trying to say...
take pictures.
take lots of pictures.
even the little what might not be considered significant pictures.
because someday the neighborhood is going to change.
someday family is going to weave in and then back out.
someday the 'now together' will look different.
and those moments should be celebrated and documented and saved...

till next time.


so much fun ~ chic tags

So Much Fun ~ Chic Tags @chictags @jamiepate

Have so enjoyed telling this little guys story lately. The simple stories I am sure to forget. Playing on the ground endlessly with his cars and tracks. Um...that would be his 18 year old brothers cars and tracks...sigh...see what I mean...I don't want to forget.

So Much Fun ~ Chic Tags @chictags @jamiepate
 Lots more details are found today over at Chic Tags as this layout is featured there today. Hope you will stop in and say hello.


heidi swapp favorite things ~ #camp

Heidi Swapp Favorite Things @jamiepate @heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings
favorite things is like one of those collections that is all things happy. you can’t help but want to document a happy fun moment in time with these colors and words and puffy embelliies. (although i do have a personal challenge to use this kit in a much more neutral way…stay tune for that.)

Heidi Swapp Favorite Things @jamiepate @heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings
that said...i grabbed up this yummy assortment of color and hue and created this layout for my daughter and her first official camp weekend.

Heidi Swapp Favorite Things @jamiepate @heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings

my go to colors are not usually bright and whimsical like what favorite things shows off. but i have really enjoyed the many projects that have been created with this line. let me show you what i am lovin' on this project right now.

Heidi Swapp Favorite Things @jamiepate @heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings

 i have always adored words. if you have been around for awhile, you remember those word stickers that Making Memories had out. I LOVED THOSE!!! and these Jumble Word Stickers are the perfect way to add plenty of sentiment and tell a story like this camp weekend story. i like to sand their edges cause i like that distressed look. works perfect with the whole feel of this page happening here.

Heidi Swapp Favorite Things @jamiepate @heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings

another part that i enjoyed putting together was using the Glitter Frame as a pocket for some journaling. foam dots were placed on the back allowing room for the tag to move in and out. a few Enamel Stickers and Puffy Stickers peek through a bit and add to the fun.

Heidi Swapp Favorite Things @jamiepate @heidiswapp #heidisfavoritethings

this project is an exercise in telling a very fun story and a meaningful moment in my daughters life. it is a bit of a creative stretch for me as i like to play it safe with softer tones, but played it up with all the color available here. and it give me an opportunity to share my words with this girl and try to slow the blur of her life a bit by sharing my love by way of creativity and words.

hoping you found inspiration today.

supplies: Favorite Things: 12x12 Paper PadPuffy Alpha StickersGlitter Frames,Ephemera,Word Jumble StickersEpoxy StickersPuffy Stickers. Stamp.


layout with ink or mist ~ shimelle

recently  HeidiSwapp Media Team member, kim jeffress and myself were asked to contribute to shimelle's blog...
here's my layout and my answer to her challenge...

layout with ink or mist for shimelle.com @jamiepate

the challenge was to show how i use mist on my scrapbook layouts. oh, well that's an easy challenge...
how many can you find here?

ink or mist on a layout for shimelle.com @jamiepate

of course my go to mist is almost always and forever Color Shine. for this challenge I stuck with three colors: Coral, Blush, and a tiny touch of Navy.

ink or mist on a layout for shimelle.com @jamiepate
there are several ways mist was utilized to add color and interest to this layout...
seen here are those large beautiful hearts from the Color Magic Paper Goods. these are resist pieces that have beautiful patterns that show through once sprayed with the mist. the hearts are sprayed with Blush.
the 'love' die cut is from my collection found at the sizzix eshapestore and it's called Love&Hearts. the cut was done with white cardstock so that i could color it what i chose, which was with the Navy Color Shine. gives a great pop to this embellishment cluster.

ink or mist on a layout for shimelle.com @jamiepate

in this photo is a peek of the vellum i used for layering. it is stenciled with Blush Color Shine and makes for this great soft addition to these silly photos. i love using vellum anyway, but with a touch of Shine it is an awesome embellishment.

ink or mist on a layout for shimelle.com @jamiepate

o.k...a couple of things are going on here...
first, the page was stenciled with a subtle spray of Blush.
the edges of the background page were distressed and then swiped with mist.
the mini shipping tag was sprayed, again with Blush.
the string sprayed with Navy.
and lastly another die cut from this die cut collection cut in white cardstock and sprayed with a pop of Navy.

ink or mist on a layout for shimelle.com @jamiepate

a larger shipping tag was sprayed with Coral and used as a layering piece that grounded the hearts. love those combinations of colors, textures and layers.

lots of ways to have fun with Color Shine on a layout. these are just a few. hope you are inspired and discover a few of your own.

till next time...


pink paislee solstice ~ new collection

Today Pink Paislee is officially introducing their new mid-summer release of Solstice...
and there may or may not be a chance to win the whole collection...
visit their blog to find out more deets...

but i have to say, Solstice is a stunning, stunning collection.
now you may or may not know i am a paper girl...
that is my first and forever love.
and the patterns for the collection are so incredible.
everything from this throw-back beach days hues of pink and soft green that includes this wood pattern that has me hearing the Beach Boys in my head...o.k...I think I just dated myself...
to this navy and nautical theme that makes you just want to go to the yacht club for the day.

so i began to play around with it just a little bit...

Created a full page layout for my son's album...
this was Father's Day by the water and it was simply a fun, fun time.

the diamond background paper called Venice (don't ya just love that?) made a great base to hold these photos of these two guys in my life. i kept the photos soft with a hipstamatic feel to them. the yellow stripe called Trunk Bay at the bottom helped anchor the photos, gave direction to the embellishments, and allowed me some room for a bit of journaling.

as always, i absolutely adore the Ephemera elements that add so many details and interest to a page. i mean that #paradise...i need a whole package of just that one!
(note to self:: the 'love this' text is a bit hidden...must adjust)

go ahead...sigh if you want to...
and did you catch that little floral print.
it's pretty. little. and pretty.

had to arsty it up a little bit...
so a bit of acrylic paint and some trimmed out triangles from the other side of Trunk Bay. just for a bit of added interest...and because i liked the way it looks.
 and that is what creativity should be all about...about what YOU like.

be watching for more of this collection to be shown off by the fabulous Pink Paislee team who blow me away like every time they post something. and then make sure you grab it up quick...
cause i think it's gonna be gone quick.


heidi swapp favorite things ~ cards

Favorite Things Collection @heidiswapp @jamiepate #heidisfavoritethings

Hello friends...
had the need for some upbeat and Favorite Things kind of cards...

Favorite Things Collection @heidiswapp @jamiepate #heidisfavoritethings

There is something about working with just a few items and creating up a couple of different variations.

Favorite Things Collection @heidiswapp @jamiepate #heidisfavoritethings

it all sort of started with this one...
i took that bold geometric pattern...
and wrapped the pink with blue asterisks around the back, so it was still exposed on the front...
then simply layered Ephemera with notched pattern paper and some Puffy Stickers and Jumble Words...
quick fast in a hurry is what i call that.

Favorite Things Collection @heidiswapp @jamiepate #heidisfavoritethings

this one came next...
a birthday card for my daughter...
the whole vibrant thing going on just fits her...
the background piece was rounded off on the edges and sanded for some distressment.
a notched piece of pattern paper was layered over that and clipped in place with seam binding dyed with Peach Color Shine along with some Ephemera pieces and more pattern paper.
then Puffy Alphas and more words plus those funky, funky flower pieces...

Favorite Things Collection @heidiswapp @jamiepate #heidisfavoritethings

that one orange flower piece holds the top tag in place and embellishes the hand written sentiment underneath.
i like it!

Favorite Things Collection @heidiswapp @jamiepate #heidisfavoritethings

and this one here...can we say super-duper easy?
it's pattern paper...boom!
a notched little piece folded around and stapled...boom!
round smile and fun stuff ephemera attached in place...boom!
call. it. done.
this would be a great gift tag or even a little o' embellie on a layout.
just sayin'.

Favorite Things Collection @heidiswapp @jamiepate #heidisfavoritethings

just a little bonus in case you need to keep things really really doable.

hope you feelin' a bit inspired...

till next time.