happy day

it's my birthday.
and i have more than my share on my mind and heart right now.
it's just that time of life where there is a whole lot going on and you feel it is up to you to keep it all together.
that feeling.
now there is another side to that emotion.
and it is this.
i have a whole lot to be thankful for and happy about even in the midst of the 'whole lot of'.
the whole-lot-of is a reminder that i have been blessed with the work of my hands, that happens to include many souls that are in my care.
and i get one chance at it.
and thank GOD for forgiveness.

 i want to celebrate with all you lovelies in this creative and visual community that i am apart.
below are a couple of files for cutting...
my birthday present to you.
to remember...
to have a...
click for dfx file

click for png file

I only ask you use these for personal use only. Let's be good to one another in that way.
and have the best day today!!!


here we go ~ world wide insta meet up

In light of the World Wide Insta Meet this weekend over on Instagram, the Heidi Swapp Media team decided to create their own way to celebrate the visual world of Instagram.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum

A couple of us are sharing ways to use Instagram photos by taking them out of our phones and documenting the story.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
And this is my way.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
I used the Vintage Gold Foil binder from Heidi Swapp's Wanderlust collection.  With this album I collected Instagrams from my phone as well as my girlfriends' phones from a recent little vacay to the coast.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
All the details for how I went about printing these photos can be found today on the HeidiSwapp blog.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
Today I would encourage you to grab a tall glass of something something, and simply enjoy the eye candy here of this 'best trip ever' as well as how my Insta's made it into this here album.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
As I explain in the original post, I am using the pocket page protectors that are part of the Wanderlust collection and fit 3x3 photos. Perfect Insta size, right? The top pocket here holds part of the Lace Paper, glitter tape from the Flea Market Pouch Kit, and a clear star geo element from the Flocked Acetate Shapes.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
I have always loved clear elements and think there is no reason to make pockets perform for this function.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum

Something that I have always adored about mini albums is the invitation factor. To see all these elements and that spray painted gold Charm peeking out and inviting the reader in. Ah...I could look at this all day.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
Next page is a Journal sheet with plenty of journaling as well as one of our Instas. The 'today' Wood Veneer is sprayed with Tea Color Shine.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
Gold is found everywhere in this album. The subtle hues of the salmon and tea and gold set the tone for this whole book for me. Not to mention some of my friends Instas were filtered, so it just all worked together to keep the same feel. THE OC was foiled using the Letter Foil Kit. So fun.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
I did not take to over embellishing every page. This one is fairly simple. But the Tab Dividers just take on a whole focus of their own...that with the PURE HAPPY Foil Kit words added to it's cover...it needed not much else.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
 If you follow me at all, you know I keep my albums just repeating the same page elements so I don't have to keep making stuff up...LoL. So here, after the Tab Divider, another clear element is used to introduce the reader to the next section of the book. The next day in our mini vacay.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
 You can see I did the same process as before. A photo on the bottom half and the Lace Paper on the top half.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
The next page is showing up the same as page two in the beginning of the album. Did you notice the Minc pieces I have been using throughout? The 'good times' is part of my favorite Chipboard Shapes. If you pick up just one Minc accessories pack, get that one...oh...and the Icon Stickers too.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum

Here again, a Journal Page with a photo, some Wood Veneer, and a few other elements. I call this 'not re-inventing the wheel everytime'. Just follow a page plan and the focus in the creating is on the photos+story.

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum

 And this might be my most fav clear page..and also the end of this post...

Off We Go ~ World Wide Insta Meet @jamiepate #hswanderlust #instagram #minialbum
The Foil Kit with dimensional words. I love how this looks on a clear page! With words layered on top of the page. (WordJumbleStickers found at HobbyLobby), and glitter and that ocean! ah...it makes for a most happy page. A new fav album. And inspiration to go on another trip!

Thank you for staying till the end.


i'm so lucky ~ pink paislee

I'm So Lucky ~ @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #ppAtlas #ppCitrusBilss

Sharing this project today at the PinkPaisleeBlog.

I'm So Lucky ~ @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #ppAtlas #ppCitrusBilss
Loved the challenge of taking the Atlas insta frames (from the InstaKit) and the Citrus Bliss Ephemera gold elements and creating a fun St Pats day decor for one of my table tops.

I'm So Lucky ~ @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #ppAtlas #ppCitrusBilss
Not only that...this instagram photo that fits in this 4x4 frame can now just slip into one of my pocket pages and be apart of our family album. How lucky was that?

Don't be shy. Say hi. Love to hear what ya think.


march mood board ~ jot

March Mood Board @jotmagazine
I have said it more than once, I love a great mood board. The Jot Mood Board for March is such a fun  and inspirational mix of color and texture and pattern. Loved working with this one again for Jot Magazine blog.

March Mood Board ~ JotMagazine @jotmagazine @jamiepate #pinkpaislee
Went with an approach I do not usually take. And that was to use pattern paper for the background instead of a more neutral paper. The mood board was, to me, all about color.

March Mood Board ~ JotMagazine @jotmagazine @jamiepate #pinkpaislee
Once this board was out, I knew I had to use a recent girlfriend trip to the Southern California coast as a compliment to these fabulous colors.

March Mood Board ~ JotMagazine @jotmagazine @jamiepate #pinkpaislee

Another different approach for me and this page was limited layering. If you know me at all, I have this thing about layering. I wanted to simply share icons and colors to tell this story. The elements are a bit disconnected. But the color and feel of the embellishments keep it all together.

March Mood Board ~ JotMagazine @jotmagazine @jamiepate #pinkpaislee
Citrus Bliss from Pink Paislee found plenty of love on this page. See through elements give such a light and airy feel to this mini vacation page. Perfect! You will have to try it!

Now...do you know you have a chance to play along with this Mood Board and win stuff? Check it out over at Jot. And link up. And usher in the feeling of spring with this beautiful inspiration piece.

supplies: pattern paper: Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss. flowers: Studio Calico. photo corner, notched striped tag, camera, clear striped arrow: Pink Paislee Atlas Ephemera. label, xoxo die cut, yellow butterfly, 'it's a beautiful day' clear tag: Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss Ephemera. polka dot butterfly, 'fabulous' clear die cut: Heidi Swapp.


be happy ~ wanderlust

Today you will find me over at HeidiSwapp blog sharing this ever so sweet Floral Square Keepsake Album from the Wanderlust Collection. The team is posting all week some fav projects. You won't want to miss.


best ever adventure ~ wanderlust

So as you may or may not know I have 5 children. And for many years I took pride in 'keeping up' with their albums.

Cue 2015.

Yeah...not so much. Letting go a bit of this need to perfectly fill each child's album with all the most recent events and what not.

I am finding myself move in the direction of sharing moments with them and speaking to them by way of journaling about the moment more than trying to document each and every occasion and event.

But when I recently came across these photos from a hiking trip in September,  I was just struck by a few things in these photos. So this page now belongs to my youngest daughter and is part of her album.

I look forward to this freedom I think the approach will bring me in the future. Especially now that the older ones are, well, older. The words I want to share with them are so much different than when they were littles.

The collection used here is Heidi Swapp's Wanderlust. It's a beautiful program available at Joann and also showing up online in places like A Cherry On Top.

The collection is so so perfect for any sort of travel or hiking or discovery type layout. The elements help tell the story perfectly. I used one of the Memory Dex Cards here to highlight the date. I have always been a push over for anything tabbed. These cards will be finding their way on lots of my layouts and only maybe actually in the Desktop Memory Dex Tray.

The Memory Dex Pockets, also intended for the Desktop Tray, will wander and be found on other projects. This one here is actually holding my journal card.

Another Memory Dex Patterned Card is used as the inclosed journal spot. I trimmed off the bottom pieces that attach to the Tray and rounded the corner.

The last thing I wanted to share by way of the design is the Sentiments Foil Rub On Kit. I took the 'best ever' image and rubbed the sticker part on pattern paper. Then the gold foil was rubbed over the sticky using my finger to add some heat. And tad-dah! A beautiful gold foil feature. That and the Salmon Color Shine misted 'adventure' Wood Veneer rounded out this project and gave it it's name as well.


cut files ~ jot magazine issue 9

What an honor it is to be part of the Jot Girls 2015 team. Truly I am surrounded by a stunning community of creatives. It is always good to be around those that inspire and challenge in a good way to be your very best.

cut files ~ jot magazine issue 9 @jotmagazine @jamiepate #jotgirls #hsWanderlust
The magazine has several themes one of which was Cut Files. My submission for that category included a couple different cuts from my Sizzix eShape collections.  The 'sweet'is found here. The floral vine is found here. The last one is from the SpringToday collection and I thought it was a perfect soft detail against all the Wanderlust from Heidi Swapp that makes up most of this page.

cut files ~ jot magazine issue 9 @jotmagazine @jamiepate #jotgirls #hsWanderlust
I have sort of shied a way a bit from pattern paper for a background. But this piece here called Paper Cafe  just drew me in.

cut files ~ jot magazine issue 9 @jotmagazine @jamiepate #jotgirls #hsWanderlust

This girl is found reading ALL. THE. TIME. It's a good thing. I know. Capturing her in her truest form made me happy and want to share this moment to remember years from now when her life gets a bit more chaotic. She needs to remember the importance of down time and reading for pleasure and all the joy that is found in this activity.

cut files ~ jot magazine issue 9 @jotmagazine @jamiepate #jotgirls #hsWanderlust

So here is to the new issue of Jot Magazine. Sweet cut files. And time to pursue good things.