hello december ~ stampin up project life

hello lovely friends...
you say, 'well it's not december yet'...
and you are not wrong.

however, today I am showin' off what I did with Stampin' Up's Hello December Project Life Collection.

This was such a fun kit to play with. There is a wide assortment of color offering in the Project Life Card Collection. I went with the kraft and black and white. I love how the neutrals played together so well with my family photos for the year.

The first double page spread starts with a sort of title page that includes a 6x4 card. I stamped 'hello December'  using a Project Life December Wonder Stamp.

And check those cork striped numbers...um...can we say adorable?

All of a sudden I am a brand new fan of the 6x8 Envelope Pages. I love these for all the ephemera one collects this time of year.

Plus a cutie little pocket on the very front that you can actually utilize or just dress it up and make it pretty. It just covers all the bases.

This second double page spread has all my favorite parts...recent photo shoot of my fam!

So this just might be my favorite of all the pages...I mean...seriously! How could it not!

O.k...let's get back to the product show here...so that polka dot washi tape...yep...I could eat it...it is part of the very generous Hello December Project Life Accessory Pack. And all the fun fun wood pieces are part of that pack too. I mean it's just so darn cute.

And my favorite 3x4 card HAS to be the 'fa la la la...' card. It just makes me happy.

So seriously, this is a really fun and versatile Project Life themed for December and all things festive and Christmasy. Lots of product is included. And I am sure it will make you happy just like it did me.


adventure...it's on ~ september skies day book

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

This little photo was posted on instagram a few weeks back in anticipation of a little urban road trip Mr. Pate and I were about to embark on. Now, a little urban road trip may sound like no big deal to you...but to me it was and is. You see, it had been literally years since Mr. Pate and I had left our children for a couple of nights to just go be husband and wife for a few days. Imagine that!

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies
And I was more than a little excited by this. Then I was more than a little excited to take along the Day Book from Heidi Swapp's September Skies as my journaling companion.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

This is a fun little mini album for a road trip or day trip or even an anniversary in the city.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

I decided to stick with the rest of the September Skies embellishments and stamps to give it a real cohesive look. Would you like to peek inside? Cause you know I am dying to share it with you.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

Inside the front flap is a one of the Wood Veneer's that I misted with both Citron and Navy Color Shine.

You can see here too that I am a fan of cutting up the Word Strips and customizing them to how I need them to fit.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

Love the photo stack pages that are added in here. Always happy to have different sized pages that allow sneaks into what is to come.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

The book also includes photo pockets sewn right in. I like the see through-ness of those too, and so chose to use a 3x3 photo into the 4x4 pocket. It just works for me.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

Please forgive the bit of fuzzy here...learning to embrace the imperfection...ha! I just love this page with the washi and stamps and ephemera from the collection. It was just fun to play with those elements and hash tag our weekend as well as add additional journaling.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

The left side here has a flap constructed into the page.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

I had a similar photo to the first one that was just sort of clashing, so I decided to hide it a bit but still make it accessible. Yeah...don't ask how my brain works, I am never really sure myself. So I just go with it instead.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

Here you can see where I folded back several of the lined pages. I have quite a bit of journaling inside those pages but I did not want them left out open and flat. Folding the page over gave me some creative room for embellishments as well as made for a sort of hidden journaling space.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

If you have followed my mini album creating before, you know that I simply repeat layout formats on my pages. This is an example. But you could never really tell because the photos are different and the embellishments are different. Love that.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

And right smack in the middle of the day book are pocket pages with extra large tags. Great place for tickets or receipts and other ephemera. Plus I used one of the tags for additional photos and journaling. Such a fun space.


This may be my favorite page.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

I love that 4x4 cut away from the Afternoon Breeze paper. Totally captured the theme of our weekend as we explored new restaurants and walking tours and places we had not had a chance to discover before.

Adventure Day Book | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hsseptemberskies

There are more pages than these to be found in this mini album. Lots of personal eye candy for me as I loved documenting this trip and remembering our weekend away.

I know all of our hearts and minds are turning toward Thanksgiving and then Christmas soon after that, but these memories give substance to my thankful heart. To many this would have been a simple trip. But to Mr. Pate and I, it represents a time of celebrating 25 years of marriage and all the nuances that represents. It represents long walks and leisurely dinners talking and dreaming and planning and simply sharing our hearts with one another. It represents fueling a few of our loves like beautiful spaces, historic buildings, and old book stores that we linger in for a spell. These memories are what fuel thanksgiving, and I for one have a full heart.


hey girl ~ pink paislee bella rouge

3 Ways To… | Pink Paislee  @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #ppBellaRouge

Loved sharing this on the Pink Paislee Blog yesterday for the 3 Ways To... assignment. The new Bella Rouge has been a fun collection of on trend colors and icons. Have you had a chance to play with it? I think you should.

3 Ways To… | Pink Paislee  @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #ppBellaRouge
It is oh so perfect for a girlie spread. (But be sure to check out Gail's layout today on the blog as it is of her and her boy and she totally nails it.)

3 Ways To… | Pink Paislee  @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #ppBellaRouge
Sometimes it really grips me that I am not capturing my girls enough. These photos are from a recent photo shoot we did with the family. I always take my camera on these outings and and capture a few of my own photos. That one of my daughter and her selfie...with my phone, no less!!! Priceless. These photos made me smile as I created the layout and they make me smile again now. Isn't this why we create these special pages? Sheesh they are growing up! Man are we in trouble.

3 Ways To… | Pink Paislee  @pinkpaislee @jamiepate #ppBellaRouge
This time of year, do you feel like you get a bit behind in documenting the fun and simple moments of life. I mean let's think about it, isn't that what most of our life is made up of? the simple little moments only found if one is looking for them? I cringe that I do not take those shots enough. A little challenge for myself as well as for you, my reader.

Thank you for visiting.


october memory planner ~ heidi swapp

Hey everyone...
Yes...I am still here...
still loving. loving. loving the Heidi Swapp Memory Planner. Did I say I loved it?

October Memory Planner | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hshellotoday
Here are my completed pages for October. This was just the best and most celebratory month in it feels like evah!
So much happened to our family this month and all in all it was just a fabulous time.
The weather here in the Rockies for October was indeed the very most beautiful in the 11 years we have lived here. Everyone agreed. I think it truly added to the festiveness that was the month of October.
If you would be interested in the other months you can click HERE to view the rest.

October Memory Planner | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hshellotoday

This month my numbered list was composed of quippy sayings that inspired me during the day. I read some place. Or someone sent to me. It was a great space to keep those little thoughts.

October Memory Planner | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hshellotoday
In the pocket page I shared photos from our family photo shoot. A family hike. And my daughters birthday. I used the Heidi Swapp Project Life Interactive Card to point to her photo and add sentiments about her.

October Memory Planner | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hshellotoday
I also had extra photos from our pumpkin patching day and added them by way of a mini accordion album slipped into the last 3x4 pocket. I love adding these extra interactive elements of photos that I simply want to keep for easy view. Ya like the ink on my fingers there?

October Memory Planner | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hshellotoday
The back of the pockets includes one of my daughter's and her academic progress. We are on a journey to discover some unique things about how God created her brain in particular. The Memory Planner has served to be a great spot to add those little monthly updates. Also notice the Heidi Swapp October Freebie, and a landscape photo of the area in all it's autumnal glory.

October Memory Planner | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hshellotoday
 I used this technique found here to add in a Heidi Swapp Project Life Gold Foil Kit journaling card. This was where I shared the big event of the month: my son's performance in our community theater's production of Little Women.

October Memory Planner | Jamie Pate @heidiswapp @jamiepate #hshellotoday
 On the back side I added a few posed as well as candid shots from after the show.

And that's the story of the October edition of the 2014 Memory Planner.

Be sure and catch Heidi today on My Craft Channel as she shares another twist to an interactive card. Simply amazing.



pink paislee and paper camellia

Have you seen the December Daily Kit 2014 from Paper Camellia
I had the fabulous chance to play with that kit that is chock full of Pink Paislee's Merry & Bright plus lots of other items that are perfect for documenting December happenings.

The first project I created had me catching up a bit with last year's family album and our December pages.

Had the best time documenting some of our Christmas morning. It was so fun going through some of these photos again, and am now inspired to finish this story from last year. Pocket pages are still one of my fav ways to do just that.

I also made a mini album that is all paper. I loved making this and cannot wait to fill it with some of the kids photos and give it away as a gift this year. The papers are mostly from Merry&Bright, with the wood veneer word from the December Kit a long with the flair  and chipboard and word stickers. 
It is just a great all around kit with plenty of product to create a December Daily album, keep up with Project Life pages, or to create gifts and cards for those on your list.

Thank you so much for visiting!!!


hello november...

hello november | jmpgirldesigns #rdmagic #rhonnadesigns @jamiepate

Hello friends, and welcome to November.
You know it's said, the days are long but the years are short. This becomes more and more acutely true in my life.

I created the above photo with photo edits in my RDMagic app on my iPad. Feel free to click and download if you would like for your personal use.

Another thing to share with you today is a project I posted recently on Heidi Swapp's blog:

hello november | jmpgirldesigns #sizzix #purposefulgratitude  @jamiepate

Going to use this mini journal to be purposeful with my gratitude this month. As I shared on my instagram post, it's almost Thanksgiving in the States. All hearts turn to the attitude of gratitude this time of year. While this is a virtue I do try to focus on daily, sometimes I fall off. My aim is to renew my heart to things I am grateful for, and to be purposeful in finding and recording the everyday that brings me joy, happiness, and contentment.

hello november | jmpgirldesigns #sizzix #cutfiles #purposefulgratitude @jamiepate

I was lucky enough to be able to use my very own cut file that was created for the SizzixShapeStore. It is available now and at a great price. These are hand brushed images created just for the occasion of being grateful everyday. The Grateful Collection cuts are available at a value price as a collection, or as individual cuts. Your choice.

Would love to know if you purchase and how you use them on your projects. Tag me on instagram @jamiepate. And use the hashtag #jmpgrateful so I can give you a shout out.

And find purposeful ways to be grateful this month. Put it into practice as a path to happiness. And be inspired by all that God has graciously given you this day and this season.



you me ~ art & design

Hello everyone... I have one more layout from week 1 of the Big Pictures Art & Design Class. Still creating with grids.

You Me Layout ~ art&design #artdesignbpc @wilna @jamiepate
This is another fav of mine. I love the grid frame for sure. Perfect houses for embellishments and sentitments. I used an over lay from the Heidi Swapp Project Life Gold Foil Pocket Pages. The gold is perfect with those letters from Maggie Holmes Chipboard. Gold is such a beautiful touch found in so many elements right now. I just had to step in line and highlight it here.

You Me Layout ~ art&design #artdesignbpc @wilna @jamiepate
The grid is a cut file from Wilna's class. I 'painted' it with Blush Color Shine. Inside the grids are painted with watercolor. I have always loved using raw elements to create with. There are so many amazing products out there to make layouts and document memories with. But I really connect with a blank canvas and creating my own elements. It is something that really has a hold of me right now.

You Me Layout ~ art&design #artdesignbpc @wilna @jamiepate
Part of the bonus items from this class included that square of Wilna's writing. It is a beautiful sentiment that I used here to highlight a friend I have had and cherished since high school. I owe this girl so much. I keep wondering why I moved away from her a few years ago. But you know, sometimes distance can really really create a deep appreciation for someone you love. And any moment we get these days are very meaningful times for me. So I celebrate that here with this layout.

You Me Layout ~ art&design #artdesignbpc @wilna @jamiepate
How lucky am I to enjoy this art form where I get an opportunity to explore creativity, new mediums (to me), and celebrate meaningful relationships all at the same time. It is very fulfilling indeed.

How about you...do you feel the same?