2014 december pages ~ day 7

So last post I shared Day6 which shares in part with Day7...

2014 December Pages ~ Day7 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee @pinkpaislee
Here again is that layout.

And here is Day7...

2014 December Pages ~ Day7 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee @pinkpaislee
Sundays are already my favorite days of the week. They are days of rest for this family. We attend church service on Saturday nights which starts Sunday off for us beautifully. And then we get to just be together on Sunday with no place to go and it invites all kinds of possibilities into our home.

2014 December Pages ~ Day7 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee @pinkpaislee
Day7 uses the 'red cross' clear tab page from the Pink Paislee Merry&Bright 8x8 album. I love that subtle touch of read and played against it with a 5x7 photo that for me totally represents our Sunday morning...an umpteenth cup of coffee.

2014 December Pages ~ Day7 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee @pinkpaislee
On the other side I have created a photo collage using the Ali Edwards' December Daily 6x8 Layered Templates that I purchased a few years back. When there are lots of random photos, but yet they still tell a story, I love to use those templates and have made use of them over and over again.

A little element collage was created around the '7' Metallic Foam Number. I also added a Cardstock Sticker and my favorite Foil Word Strips. I love the simplicity of this page. I love the moments captured with these guys. I love how my book is taking shape...sigh...breathing in and out and enjoy the simple moments.

O.K...I will be back soon with Day8. Thank you so much for visiting. Would love to hear from you and how your documenting is going.


2014 december pages ~ day 6

Talk about quick-fast-in-a-hurry...
Day 6 is just that...

2014 December Pages ~ Day6 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
Viewed here is Day6 and part of Day7...

2014 December Pages ~ Day6 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
But let's just talk about Day6 for a second...shall we?
The Merry&Bright 8x8 Album includes several inserts. There are several pocket pages that hold 4- 4x4-inch photos, or what not. I used 2 of those pockets to be home to photos of some of the trees that can be found around here this year. The kid's tree. And then some reclaimed wood trees Mr. Pate made for an outdoor display. We are all in love with those trees. I printed photos that were sized about 3 3/4-inch square. When I trimmed them I left a bit of white and then it filled the 4x4 pocket.

2014 December Pages ~ Day6 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
A top pocket holds one of the Kraft tags. This one is a favorite. It holds hidden journaling on the back side. A glitter circle from the Ephemera pack is stapled with some notched pattern paper that makes it very easy to pull in and out of the pocket. The Silver Foil Foam '6' is adhered to the top of the pocket. And that is how simply Day6 came together for this part of the album.

Day7 will make it's appearance soon. Probably one of my favorite spreads. Do I say that about all my pages?

till then...


2014 december pages ~ day 5

Hello again.

Playing a bit of catch up sharing our December pages.
Day 5 was up on the Pink Paislee blog the first week of the month. You can read details here. As well as pick up the free printable that also is part of this day.
And just as a reminder if you have just recently found me, this year's December Pages is mostly created using Pink Paislee's Merry&Bright Collection.

day 5 giveaway

2014 December Pages ~ Day5 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
For this post I am just going to share the photos for the most part. I have more written at Pink Paislee on December5th.

2014 December Pages ~ Day5 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
Day 5 followed the prompt for the Pink Paislee Countdown2Christmas which was Go See the Lights.
I created an 8x8 page here with the striped paper serving as a flap for some of the other photos hidden underneath.

2014 December Pages ~ Day5 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
It's a real simple page adorned only with a JOY glitter word, some stars from that same package of words, as well as a popped up red glitter star from the Ephemera package. This is a photo of some of our lights as we had a new display in our yard this year and I just wanted this close shot . I love the Metallic Foil Letters. They are beautiful bold embellishments that stand up well to many of the more traditional patterns found in Pink Paislee's Merry&Bright.  O.K...so I said I was just going to show photos...but now I have gotten all chatty.

2014 December Pages ~ Day5 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
The second page of the spread focuses on the tradition that surrounds our going and seeing lights. I think it can be easy to forget our family traditions and what makes them special and unique to us,  until I see them start to collect as they are here in our album... and then their importance really shines for me. So thankful for this process. It is truly a labor of love.

2014 December Pages ~ Day5 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
I said in the beginning, I was going to put a tad more emphasis on the journaling aspect of this album this year. I have stayed true to that goal. Lots of words finding their way in my book. Lots of stories told. Lots of traditions documented for me and my kids to have and to hold for many many years to come.

My hope is that you are not overwhelmed by this season at this point. That you are able to find moments to reflect and be still and enjoy the process. This is my hope.

see you again soon...

2014 december pages ~ day 3&4

Real quick post here.
Sharing days 3 & 4 with you today...

2014 December Pages ~ Days3&4 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
These pages are very very simple.
Some of my pages are just that.
Not a whole lot going on...except that I know what is hidden on these pages.

2014 December Pages ~ Day3&4 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
Day 3 is home to letters to Santa. I had the girls write letters. Now this is sort of a new little thing for us to do. But it was fun. My intent was to have their lists, of course, their thoughts, and then their handwriting in a place that I could have for many years to come.

2014 December Pages ~ Day3&4 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
The page is on the back of the canvas piece. You can see what the front looks like here. I folded the canvas over and sewed it down with red thread. The Merry&Bright music pattern paper is tucked into the hem of the canvas. I just liked having that extra texture. The polka bag is from my stash. Instant pocket. The letters are simply slipped inside the bag. Done!

2014 December Pages ~ Days3&4 | @jamiepate #PPC2C #pinkpaislee
Day 4 holds our Christmas card for this year. The Number Tag for day 4 is sewed down on the corners so that the card slips right into there. I also tucked a Kraft Tag into the same space and journaled a bit about this year's card and the photography and design of said card. The Seasons Greetings tag from the Merry&Bright Ephemera pack hangs loose on the Kraft tag, and it is actually covering up the '4'.

O.K...thanks for stopping in. Will be back soon with more pages.

Enjoy your day!


2014 december pages ~ day 2

 Even in the busy-ness that can be this time of year, I am finding/making time to take photos, journal, and document this time of year. It means so much to me.

2014 december pages ~ day 2 @jamiepate
Sharing here Day2 with you in my Countdown2Christmas December Pages album.

Have a few layers here with a 4-inch wide scrap card that I attached the 'Jingle' Pink Paislee Merry&Bright Ephemera too.

2014 december pages ~ day 2 @jamiepate
While I am using a lot of the Merry&Bright, I am adding other patterns and embellishments here and there.

2014 december pages ~ day 2 @jamiepate
On the back side I trimmed out one of the Pink Paislee Kraft tags a bit smaller and washi taped it to the journal card. Wood veneer stars from my stash go on to emellish it simply.

2014 december pages ~ day 2 @jamiepate
On one of the fabric canvas pages found in the Merry&Bright 8x8 Album I attached the day's photo. It is of one of our vignette's found around the house and all of our Advent boxes we use for our countdown. You can see that under the black with white polka is where I added my journaling. Again, trying to document our traditions and the why of them. Just something that will be meaningful to us as years go by.

That's it for today. Will be back soon and share day3 with you.


hello new week...

and can you believe it is already the 16th?
part of me is sort of panicking...
part of me realizes she actually has it fairly under control.
whew...i guess we will know for sure in about a week.

heidi homemade holiday ~ september skies

yesterday i was posting on the heidiswapp.com blog.
while there is soooo much going on with her and her brand right now...we all still got Christmas to do.
and doin' it we are.
so this week the Media Team is sharing some homemade gift ideas.

this is what i posted:
i took a box i had laying around here...
and upcycled it by wrapping it with September Skies pattern paper.

heidi homemade holiday ~ september skies
inside is a gift package for one of my many recipients this year. some of the gifts are embellished with September Skies stamps and die cuts and stickers.

heidi homemade holiday ~ september skies

like the die cut here colored with Color Shine...

heidi homemade holiday ~ september skies

and the tissue wrapped package with a 3x3 cut away tag...

heidi homemade holiday ~ september skies

and a mini journal altered with some Favorite Things paper and Sept Skies stamps.

more photos and ALL the details can be found at heidiswapp.com.

sure hope it inspires you to use what you have and embellish those gifts with a little love.

be back very soon.


2014 december pages ~ day 1

today a look inside my December pages...

2014 December Pages ~ Day1 @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #ppmerryandbright

it's traditional that i start with our family photo from the year. not sure how long ago this began, but it's just always the cover page. it tickles me to open these albums up every year to come upon previous year's photos and see the changes in these guys. sheesh!

2014 December Pages ~ Day1 @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #ppmerryandbright

the title page starts on clear paper by Bazzill. one of my favorite mediums to work with inside a mini album.

as i started to think about this year's album, i came up with a bit of a game plan.
here is my approach to this year book:
  • i use a basic sketch of page layouts and then repeat those over and over. this year goes something like
    • a clear page
    • a clear tab page ~ the Merry&Bright album comes with 4 clear tab pages.
    • a fabric page ~ also already part of the M&B album
    • a half page ~ i usually create a 4-inch wide page and make it a pocket
    • then 2 full pages...this is not set in stone, but it gives me a base from which to start. i really need that.
  • going to highlight family traditions as opposed to highlighting each and every single days doing. as my kids get older, i am seeing such strong trends in our traditions and what is important to them. i really want to write and record these like right now.
  • a more defined emphasis on journaling. i stated that in my nov24 post.
2014 December Pages ~ Day1 @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #ppmerryandbright

something else i keep doing in my December album is have layers of pages showing. it gives great interest to the book and allows the story to peek through to the front. face it, i'm just a layer honk.

2014 December Pages ~ Day1 @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #ppmerryandbright
Merry&Bright has some beautiful prints. there is so much to love in this collection. i cut this from the  Tis the Season pattern. sort of made it a 3x4 kind of card. lots of phrases on that paper perfect for cutting out.

2014 December Pages ~ Day1 @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #ppmerryandbright
and again as always, our church's handout finds home in my album. my notes are on the back. the first week of Advent service was so amazing! i will come right back to that memory when i look through here next year. truly a favorite of mine.

2014 December Pages ~ Day1 @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #ppmerryandbright
i printed out the Day1 freebie from Pink Paislee's #PPC2C...but the red would not print correctly for me from my printer. so I covered it up and still used it as a divider for our actual day 1 activity.

2014 December Pages ~ Day1 @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #ppmerryandbright
the real Day1 spread.
with lots and lots of journaling.
real life journaling that is. because while this was a very very fun night with ALL of my family heading to the tree farm, as the night waned on, it went south. so. what did i do? i wrote about it! not in a mean way. but in an honest candor. i think sometimes bloggers can make it all look like sunshine and roses. but that is just not the truth of everyday life. the story ended well. it was an example of honesty and forgiveness. now if only they all could end that way.

2014 December Pages ~ Day1 @jamiepate #pinkpaislee #ppmerryandbright
 forever in my heart.

thank you for reading.